Coming soon …

The Sinister Saints imprint of UK publisher Horrified Press has recently accepted two of my flash stories for their upcoming anthology ‘In A Flash…’, including a reprint of Red Riding Hood. (I’ll update you when the book is published.)

IstanbulHere’s a opening snippet from the other story, a short-short horror entitled Grand Bazaar. It’s slightly reworked to suit Young Adult readers:

On the last afternoon of the half-term break in Istanbul, Lucy dodged the trams to cross Sultanahmet, and entered the Grand Bazaar. Not much souvenir shopping needed; only her mother and a couple of schoolmates to buy for. No need to search for anything special for Jack. Not now he was off with Hannah; much Lucy cared. Except she’d had to come to Turkey without her best friend. Former best friend …

UPDATE: ‘Grand Bazaar’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’ now published by Sinister Saints in new YA anthology In A Flash…and available from in paperback.

Other writing news

Later on next spring, my new longer SF story Heart’s Trust is due to be published by Rosie Oliver in her anthology ‘SFerics 2017’. That story is currently going through edits. I look forward to eventually seeing wrangling space explorer couple Martin and Libby in print. More to come on this one.

As of summer 2016, I’m working on a really much longer SF story, provisionally entitled Entanglement, a parallel universes meets Aboriginal Dreaming novella set in the USA of the near future. I’m expecting it to top out at around 40,000 words. So really very long for me. I’m currently discussing publication of this story with a British publisher. Hopefully I can update you on that as the negotiations progress.

And of course, I am still plodding along with Aurelia and Túathal as they battle their way through third century Somerset, in my historical fiction novel The Bronze Owl. Best not to hold your breath on that one, I may be some time ….