Just one (good) thing after another…

Just one (good) thing after another…

Those of you who already know and love the wonderful books of British author Jodi Taylor, including her St Mary’s Chronicles series, will recognise the cheekiness of my title for today’s blog. On Saturday I went to Octavo’s cafe in Cardiff with my lovely daughter-in-law (aspiring children’s author Ariana Carrano), to meet Jodi and hear about her books and writing. Continue reading “Just one (good) thing after another…”

A wonderful way to spend Saturday morning

pencilWell, I hope that’s how it turned out for the five writers who braved my Write Your Own Short Story workshop last Saturday. It was all part of the Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival. The idea was to add writing to the line-up of arts on display throughout Cheddar last weekend. But I wasn’t sure anyone would come, and set up my big table in the library half expecting to have a quiet morning to myself.

I shouldn’t have worried. By a few minutes after ten, we had a table full of story writers. And what a wonderful bunch they turned out to be! Continue reading “A wonderful way to spend Saturday morning”

A Moment of Madness

A Moment of Madness

A few weeks ago, I went to my local library in Cheddar on an innocent mission of research. I emerged having foolishly promised an enthusiastic volunteer that I would get involved with the upcoming Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival (CHAFF), taking place 29 April to 2 May in my part of Somerset, UK. Continue reading “A Moment of Madness”

A Touch of the Sinister

A Touch of the Sinister

In spring 2013 I visited the entrancing city of Istanbul with my parents. I instantly fell in love with this exotic and history-drenched city. I was less enamoured by the hustling carpet salesmen, but managed to return home without a Turkish rug under my arm. Continue reading “A Touch of the Sinister”

Changes of scene

site of Shapwick villa

Doesn’t look like much, does it? Just a muddy field in a farm on the edge of the northern Somerset Levels. You’d never guess that under these grassy clods lie the remains of a large second century Roman courtyard villa.

In 1998 metal detectorists found a hoard of over 9000 silver denarii in this field. That is a serious amount of money, folks, something like £250,000 in modern money. The coins had been buried in the corner of a small room inside the villa. No-one knows by whom, or why. (The hoard is now on show in the Museum of Somerset, in Taunton). At around the same time as the hoard was hidden, c. AD 225, the villa was totally demolished, possibly after a major fire. Continue reading “Changes of scene”

Beach Walks


So here we are … Christmas has been and gone, and we’re looking 2016 firmly in the eye.

How about you – any life-changing body-morphing liver-mending resolves made? Fortunately for my liver, my appreciation of alcohol is correlated to quality rather than quantity these days. The Chief Medical Officer and I are so in alignment, with no effort on my part. Must be getting old. Continue reading “Beach Walks”